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Mattress Sanitisation

Do you suffer from:

Asthma? Allergies?
Do you have trouble sleeping?

We can make a difference by CLEANING & SANITISING your mattress, carpet and upholstery to remove dust mites, odours etc, so you can SLEEP BETTER, SNEEZE LESS & BREATHE DEEPER in 7 days guaranteed.

Mattress Sanitisation

It is likely that dust mites maybe triggering your Asthma or Allergies.

And your mattress is the perfect breeding ground for these dust mites, which feed on dead skin. On Average we each shed 10g of dead skin every week (and upto 1kg in a year) which is a lot of free food for dust mites to feed on.

Also worrying is apart from dead and live dust mites living in your mattress, it is also likely to contain their faeces, eggs and other human skin cells.

The good news is this dead skin and dust mites can be removed.